Petals of Love on Location

by Lindsay Schaefer

On March 29th 2014, Artists in Unity filmed Petals of Love at Herman Simon Mansion in Easton, PA.  AIU worked in studio at Ballet Guild from September to March to prepare for the filming of Petals of Love that we plan to send off to screen dance festivals and share with our community.  Petals has changed so much since my first days of setting the choreography work on Cedar Crest College dancers and AIU dancers two years back.

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Petals of Love is about the complexities of love and how our hearts feel through various stages of a relationship.  At some points of our relationships our hearts are pouring with deep and emotional pain and at others there is a light connection and newness towards the person we are falling for.  Through two filmmakers and four dancers AIU takes you back in time to experience love and its uncertainties, its searching and yearning, and even its lightness and finding for the souls you are watching moving on camera.  We laid our story through dance and film out in five different locations throughout the mansion.   In about twelve different scenes, multiple takes per scene, and a day consisting of about 16 hours AIU company members achieved our goal of gathering all the footage we needed for Petals of Love.


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Andy To and Kendra Brisco worked side by side to pull off all filmmaking aspects of the day as I bounced in and out of my role as dancer to artistic director to oversee how it was all playing out on camera.  Dancers Deena Hammer, Jade Bloshuk, and Natalie Hedrick, and I warmed up together, collaborated together on site, and grew as company members through this wonderful artistic experience.  I think many hearts were opened on this day to all the endless possibilities there are with dance once you move it out of the studio.  The mansion was truly AIU’s playground for a day of creating, collaborating, and getting our art ready for all of YOU!  It even amazed us to see how many people took a moment to stop and watch us in action.

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With Silent Dance, AIU’s first short dance film, I knew we had so much more to learn.  It was our first experimental film. But, during that film AIU was defined.  My mission became clear for this amazing artistic company that is housing multiple artists in dance, film, and music.  I saw before my eyes through two long years of creating Silent Dance the company I dreamed of appear before me and my fellow collaborators.

Even looking at the raw footage of Petals of Love I can already see we have more.  The dancers looked more prepared. There is more of the dance that everyone kept telling me to rip from my heart.  Filmmakers were bonded and working as one from the starting point of our runs at Ballet Guild to our shoot day.  The unity that was present on Petals of Love shoot day only shows how AIU is growing, learning, and craving more from each and every project that comes before them.

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I am honored to have guided this project to its first step and I thank all my dedicated company members, followers, family, and friends who have supported AIU along the way.  To Happy Post Production Andy To and Kendra Brisco and Owen Davis I know I will be smiling very big through it all.

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Petals of Love Behind the Scenes Reel-–JWlN3Q


Some other special words of thanks go out too-

To my greatest love Brian Schaefer Petals would not have been possible without you!

Andy To you are my partner with AIU, dear friend, collaborator through every project big or small, and an amazing artist. I am inspired by you each and every day and especially on set.

Kendra Brisco I can’t wait to share the camera with you for AIU’s next dance film being created in summer of 2014 and for your Unity Project.  I am honored to work side by side with you and to call you my assistant, collaborator, and multitalented artist of AIU.  Thank you for all your work with Petals.

Dancers- Deena Hammer, Jade Bloshuk, and Natalie Hedrick your hard work paid off.  You all shined on shoot day. Thank you for taking in every note and applying it!

To Ballet Guild, Donators, Family, and Friends your support means the world to us.  Keep following all of AIU’s work, sending us little notes of encouragement along the way, and give with your hearts to this amazing company when you can.  We are dreaming big in the world of dance and film.


Much love and thanks,

Lindsay Schaefer Artistic Director of AIU


AIU company members