AIU’s Threads of Kin Raw Edit

by Lindsay Schaefer

P_10Well, my Artists in Unity followers all know how I love dance film and how I research dance film like crazy.  Every morning my ritual is to watch various Screendance works and I follow a number of Filmmakers across the country and internationally to see the latest trends and creative risks that are being taken.  Screendance is an amazing world to be involved in and I am grateful everyday for the passion that I have found and developed for this genre.  I truly believe all my dancing friends knew I would end up moving into the world of film since many of those dear friends were pushing me years back to head west and stay west with my work to hit commercial market.  Well, studying in NYC and at Paul Taylor Studios won instead of the west coast venturing being longer then only a couple of years.  But, I feel all my life experiences whether on the west coast, east coast, creating 2 companies and one specifically in multidisciplinary work, and taking in every life adventure with my beautiful family and collaborators that walk into my life are only adding to my passion for Screendance and what I am currently creating for my company Artists in Unity.

I am welcoming my followers into AIU’s Threads of Kin and the raw edit for this work for camera today in my AIU blog.  I hope you enjoy seeing some of the progress AIU has been making in the editing room and keep watching where we will be taking this work over the next year.  Original Score will be developed for this work so that is why you are seeing the work without music at this time.  But, hey it allows you to see the process behind film and gives you a powerful glimpse into my choreography and how the choreography is the base for all AIU works in dance and film.  

scene 1 threads

Much love to all of my followers and collaborators of AIU!  And I thank you tremendously for pushing me more and more as Artistic Director of AIU and to shoot higher and higher with each work for camera that comes before me.