A Glimpse at AIU’s Project Landscapes

by Lindsay Schaefer

LandscapesPoster_1I remember coming home from the west in fall of 2015 and writing a section of this poem The Earth Speaks to Us that you can read below.  The words that appeared on paper changed Project Landscapes immensely and within two days after arriving home from my west coast journey I was recreating Project Landscapes with a child image appearing in a huge part of the short dance film for AIU. 

The Earth speaks to us

As we reflect

In the natural environments

Around Us

The Sky

The Land

The Water

The Earth

Become One

As Mother and Child

You can also see more of this poetry through my book The Process, The Practice, The Artist.  There were moments that I thought I wanted to hear this poetry throughout AIU’s Landscapes film but then the score was developed by Joshua Starmer and my thought process as a director only wanted to hear the score that melted so beautifully into the dance film work that was created for Landscapes.  So poetry was dropped but it ended up closing the pages of my book and it truly set the stage in the studio for more work to be developed for Project Landscapes and in turn inspired more dramatic movement and storyline for Landscapes overall. 

As director of AIU, I can’t wait to share with our community Landscapes.  The release date will be Mother’s Day of this year.  However, in the meantime I hope you enjoy viewing the trailer for Landscapes.  The discoveries over the past two years with this AIU project has made me appreciate the teams coming into AIU projects more and more.  The depth, the dedication, the love for the art of dance film, and the complete surrendering of each artist that was on this project over the past year 2 years has made me grow as AIU’s Artistic Director and each of my collaborators on this project I will dream of working with you further in the future.  Thank you Kendra Brisco, Joel Figueroa, Michael A. Fitch, Michael Kubel, Joshua Starmer, Tina Sherer, Sandra Sherer, Penelope Schaefer, and Nurture Nature Center in Easton, PA for all of your hard work on this project and for all your love and support that went into bringing Project Landscapes to life.   

We yearn for simplicity, for purity, for the sounds of the Earth Speaking to Us~

This blog was written by Artistic Director of Artists in Unity Lindsay Schaefer. You can visit more of Lindsay’s work via the following sites~

www.artistsinunity.com and www.movementforyou.com