AIU’s Project Mariposa

by Lindsay Schaefer

As delicate as the Mariposa in flight may seem it travels with great fierceness.  A woman that embraces her purity and impure thoughts shares her true passion for life and signifies the embracing of change and surrendering to all that is around her.  Every woman can be a Mariposa~

I am very excited to finally announce the Artists in Unity team for Project Mariposa.  After reviewing many applications and interviewing a number of artists I have found the right collaborative filmmaker to bring into the pile of AIU for Project Mariposa.  I had the pleasure of creating and collaborating last week in the studio with Cinematographer and Editor Angelo Silvio Vasta who is originally from Italy and living currently in NYC.  A dear friend and fellow artist was kind enough to connect Angelo and me when I reached to her explaining a work I was taking to camera for AIU.  With the help of Sevin Ceviker’s guidance and open heart Angelo and I were connected and truly hit it off through the interview process and also through our first collaborative meeting in the studio while creating and laying the foundation for Project Mariposa. 

Over the next couple of months, Angelo and I will continue working side by side to find location and costumes for this project.  We are hoping to pull this project off in about 1 to 2 days of filming and to really capture the elements of my dancing and the passion that can be felt through each specific movement of Mariposa.  I don’t want to give too much away since this work will probably only be about 5 minutes in length maybe even a bit less.  But, here is a quick glimpse of the first day that Angelo and I hit studio together to discuss Mariposa and for us to create together within our two different disciplines.  It truly was a magical day filled with much love and passion for our art forms and a fluid respect and openness was present from both of us so that surrendering from one artist to another artist could happen.  And as we all know the best collaborative projects and most heart- felt collaborative projects in the arts are successful when a complete surrender to your given craft can occur.  The nurturing environment was set up for both of us to begin the trust process as artists for AIU’s next work for camera Mariposa.  

Project Mariposa will be working on the filming and editing over the course of 2016.  Original Score by Joshua Starmer will be created in 2017 for this work and then it will be heading off to festivals across the globe in 2017 and 2018.  I am grateful for Project Mariposa team coming before me and I look forward to all the adventures that this project will bring over the course of the next two years.  Enjoy the short reel for Project Mariposa!  Please note the music is royalty free music and original score will be developed by Joshua Starmer at a later point!

This blog is written by Artistic Director of Artists in Unity and Creator and Founder of Movement for You Practice Lindsay Schaefer.  You can follow more of Lindsay’s work via the following sites-