AIU’s Landscapes Release

by Lindsay Schaefer

It brings me great pleasure as Artistic Director of Artists in Unity to share with our audience Landscapes.  Landscapes is a short dance film with an environmental message about protecting our Earth for the generations to come “The Earth Speaks to Us as Long as We Listen.”


I would like to thank the entire team behind Project Landscapes~ Kendra Brisco, Joshua Starmer, Joel Figueroa, Tina Sherer, Sandra Sherer, Penelope Schaefer, Michael Kubel, and Michael A. Fitch.  Along with Nurture Nature Center Easton, PA and all AIU and MFY followers who have been supporting AIU with our work in dance and film over the past years.  

Enjoy the art of dance and film through AIU’s Landscapes and be sure to visit all of the following sites to support AIU’s work in dance and film.  With continued support AIU can keep sharing our love and passion for dance and film across the globe.  It takes many hands and many hearts to keep AIU running from project to project.  Viewing our work and then by visiting AIU’s Fractured Atlas page and sharing your love with us through a tax deductible donation helps AIU to do future projects with travel and with multiple collaborators as Project Landscapes shows in the years to come.