AIU Community Spring Fashion Sale

by Lindsay Schaefer

As you all know I love fashion and place much time as Artistic Director of Artists in Unity into our location scouting and also into our selection of outfits for our film and photography shoots.  Well, it is time friends since Spring is in the Air to clean house for AIU in our Fashion Repertory and to Spread our Love for Fashion to others by holding a Spring Sale of some of our past wearings that we used for film and photography shoots.

I will place pictures below of AIU outfits that are up for grabs for this Spring Fashion Sale. This is a wonderful opportunity for dance companies, dance studios, theater companies, and independent artists to build their repertory of clothing that they may need for their artistic endeavors.  Fashion is such a huge part of art.  This Spring Fashion Sale will not only help others to create and inspire their work in dance, theater, or the arts of any sort.  Infact, some may even want to add these past wearings to their everyday fashion closet.  But also this Spring Fashion Sale will help AIU to grow with our next projects with the simple donations that can be made towards purchasing  one or some of our past wearings.

Please AIU and MFY friends share this blog with others that are in the arts industry and that you find may be in need of some of the pieces below.  Enjoy looking at the past fashion statements from AIU films and photography shoots.  And I look forward to hearing from some friends that are wanting to add some of these past wearings to their fashion closets.

To purchase the following items from AIU please contact Lindsay Schaefer or  The prices for the outfits will be very reasonable and handled through a simple donation to AIU through their Fractured Atlas site.  Please note that the majority of the outfits are in small and medium for sizing.  And two of the past outfits from Silent Dance and from Petals of Love AIU has 3 to 4 outfits available.






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