AIU’s Petals of Love Is Released

by Lindsay Schaefer


The innocence, the maturity, and the complexities of love…….

Petals of Love is a love letter through dance and film with components of visual art, classic theater, and original score that defines the complexities of our hearts. 

Artists in Unity’s Petals of Love was originally a 13 minute stage work created and choreographed by Lindsay Schaefer with dance, visual art, and live presentation of Bach music Prelude I, II, and IV that was set at Cedar Crest College in Spring 2011.  Artistic Director of AIU Lindsay Schaefer and her collaborative team moved Petals of Love from the stage to film in 2013 and 2014 with the support of Herman Simon Mansion, Ballet Guild of Lehigh Valley, and AIU followers and donators. 

Petals of Love was truly a love letter to my husband Brian and first thoughts of it developed years back when he gave to me a small, red, vintage booklet that contained sonnets from William Shakespeare.  Slowly over the years choreography was developed for this work Petals of Love that you will now watch through film.  It was originally created for stage with live music. But, after performing the work live on stage I realized the choreography was a bit deeper and needed to be documented by camera through a short dance film.  It took me about three months to restage the work for camera with my creative team.  And I truly am grateful for all the support that fell into my hands for this project from Ballet Guild of Lehigh Valley to Herman Simon Mansion in Easton and all my AIU and MFY followers.  It really warms my heart that my choreography has received recognition with Petals of Love through various film festivals and screendance festivals nationally and internationally.  This work has paved the way for my next endeavor of taking my solo performance work and creating to an international location over the next 2 years.  

Enjoy Petals of Love!

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