AIU’s Threads of Kin- A short dance film about friendship

by Lindsay Schaefer


I am very happy to share with our Artists in Unity followers the final version of Threads of Kin- a short dance film about the importance of friendship and how solid friendships stay alive in our memory bank for years.   It has been a complex journey with this work in so many ways.  Last year AIU fell into some major technical difficulties with hard drives and computer mishaps and it truly sent Threads on a set back with our timeline for finishing the project along with a budget that needed to be reinvented.  As AIU’s Artistic Director I find those technical difficulties and budget push through made me step it up in many ways and honestly I am grateful for every hard day of looking at raw footage, going through a recovery process with a technician to save the work, and for seeing how this mind of mine has many different skill sets and drive with not only pushing artists to their excellence but finishing projects out till the end no matter what. 


Two years back, I was in such a different place as an artist.  My pages were not yet written for my book The Process, The Practice, The Artist.  I did not see my full potential yet as a director and producer like I do now.  I didn’t have the opportunity yet to do some major workshops with dance and film and speak about the importance of this beautiful art form of screendance and how it is captivating the world.  And finally my work as a director, producer, and choreographer didn’t hit the international market with film festivals taking a huge part in that all until recently.   Two years back, you can say I was in the beginning stages of dreaming for my own work and the work of AIU. 


I have a new outlook with all of my work in dance film and with all of my movement work in the studio and out through my teaching, writing, and speaking.  My new push is all about giving my art away to its fullest.  They always say that as an artist some may love your work.  Some may dislike it and not agree with it.  But, it’s my job and the job of every artist to always push through to the end to express the artistry they have within.  It isn’t for others to judge how we create, when we create, where we create, or with whom.  It is for only others to look with an openness at the art that is in front of them with love.  If we all as individuals in this world would judge less and listen, look, and breath in more with the art that is in front of us and every piece of artistic expression that comes before us…. well then our lives would become so much fuller, richer, and absolutely more present in every part of our day. 


I pass this little piece of art onto our AIU audience and I ask all of our followers to watch with openness and with love.   I thank everyone who was present in the making of this project, to the connections that were made, to the technical help along the way, to the editor and friend who stood by my side with much strength to push AIU further, and to the family, friends, and followers who always reminded me to follow my heart and my love for creating.  The love I have for dance film, for projects, for seeing others shine in their disciplines, and to seeing myself overcome so much along the way is why Threads stands before all of you now. Enjoy every minute and keep following AIU and all of our work in dance and film!