by Lindsay Schaefer

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When we reveal the true identity of our soul the artistic spirit within can fly as if we are a Mariposa in flight.   As my followers know my love for words and poetry can be felt within every movement of choreography that I create.  Some have even said in the past that my movement reminds them of a painter who is painting his canvas but I do so with my body. 

Dance is my way of communicating my spirit and my love for film is just one more way to communicate it to a wider audience.  Project Mariposa has been a piece of art that I have been slowly building on for the past couple of years.  I would see images of a woman revealing her true heart and the impure and pure thoughts that she may be feeling.  I would see images of this woman struggling with identity as an artist and in ways the images would create choreography that spoke the artist of future years.   It was almost like Mariposa choreography and images came to me before I could define myself and my work as my own and who I am as an artist today. 

The canvas has been painted through the film work of Angelo Vasta.  My choreography is happily laid out in a story that has filled my brain for many years.  I can say the collaborative process for Mariposa couldn’t have been pulled off any smoother.  Two days in with filming and collaboration, editing days and discussion over a total of two weeks, and a film that is now part of AIU that carries a very avant- garde feel to it for our audience to see. 

My work over the past year has been taking a whole new approach as an independent artist.  I find at times it is no different than those past NYC and west coast days when I was needing to hit pavement to express and create.  It has been a wonderful, hard-working, and creative year for me as Artistic Director of AIU and for my personal journey as an artist.  I am grateful for the new collaborative energy that is coming into the mix for AIU.  The change of direction that is happening.  And for dreaming of the next year of creating that stands in front of me with dance and film. 

I place intention today and as always for my creative heart, creative energy, and my creative soul to always have time, sacred space to work out of, artists to collab with till my final breathes, and for my audience to accept the work for what it is.  My work may be different.  My work may be me and the creative soul that is within.  But, if society can learn just one element from every abstract artist that comes before them then the art that was made broke barriers.  Every artist matters.  Every thought matters.  Every eye watching this work matters and in ways those eyes are who make companies like Artists in Unity step into the next phase and connect independent artists like myself to more. 

I thank all of my AIU followers for their love and support.  Keep watching all of our work in dance and film.  Be sure to share our website with others.  To keep small artistic companies rolling and growing it takes a village.  Be part of the AIU village! Much love and I hope you all enjoy watching Mariposa. 

I would like to sincerely thank with much love the following supporters and collaborators on this project-

Angelo Vasta

Katie Burkhardt

Jessie Crafts Stevens

Sevin Ceviker

Brian Schaefer

All AIU donators to Fractured Atlas over the past 6 months.  Your constant support financially helps AIU to pull off more collabs with artists around the globe.